Coming Out

I am a Christian.

What does that mean anyhow? I suppose I could launch into a tiresome speech about my doctrine, my church, and my personal testimony. But with reference to my participation in the ongoing discussion on homosexuality, it means only one thing: a vast and devastating handicap. Especially when one considers that I am a theologically conservative, Bible-believing Christian.

Realizing, as I set about to study this topic of homosexuality, that my conservative Christianity would place me in a position of greater disadvantage than everyone else in my ability to understand this subject with fairness and accuracy, I have set up rules for myself to try to compensate for this handicap of mine. They are the following:

1. Think
2. Listen
3. Don't be an ass

And so this introduction is really a disclaimer, because my failings in trying to adhere to the above rules will likely be more apparent to everyone who reads what I have written on this site than to me.

But I do hope to accomplish one thing even if all else fails, and that is honesty. Perhaps that is why there is a sense of tension in my thinking that is reflected in these articles, trying to understand the homosexual experience and harmonize this with my understanding of the Bible. Many, I am sure, will be dissatisfied with my inconclusiveness, or accuse me of flat out contradicting myself. I view it as just trying to get to the bottom of things. And as far as I can tell, the bottom is still a long way off.

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