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My name is Misty Sayoko Irons. I was born in 1968. I am female, straight and an evangelical Christian of the Reformed tradition. My husband Lee is a former pastor who is currently pursuing an academic career in New Testament Studies. We live in Southern California and have three children.

I received my B.A. from UCLA in 1990 and my M.A. in Biblical Studies (a layperson's degree) from Westminster Seminary California, in 1996. The views I express on this website do not represent the official position of Westminster Seminary California, or any of the Reformed churches or denominations that I have been a part of. Nonetheless, I believe my theological conclusions are founded upon key doctrines of the Reformed faith that I have studied and reflected upon since my seminary days.

To you longtime readers: Please accept my apologies for not posting any new articles on this site from 2003 to 2005. You may go to A Log of My Progress, 2002-2005 for a more detailed explanation. Rest assured, this unfortunate neglect is not because I have abandoned my interest in the subject of "Christianity, homosexuality and the Bible."

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